Thank you very much for your visit to the shoes repair shop RADIAN website in Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.


No matter how valued and worn by customers, troubles always occur somewhere while using tools like shoes.


Even if you do regular maintenance regularly, you can not avoid this.


Wear of heel and shoe sole, breakdown due to threads and scratches of leather, fray of seams etc ...


I would like to wear the importance of shoes that I liked and used for the first time after I got sick.


We also like shoes and we have the same experience with shoes repair work.



Well then, I will repair ...



I wonder where to bring it together. Even if you search on the internet, various shops will come out ...


Where should I order?




Because it is an important shoe, I want a solid craftsman to repair it at the workshop ...! !




It is a matter of course.




Shoes of Goodyear-Welt recipe which is also a synonym of full-fledged shoes can surprisingly extend the life of shoes by repairing with solid firm technology. On the contrary if you repair rude ...




In our workshop, shoe craftworkers with rich experience and knowledge of hundreds of feet or more per year bring life back to customers' precious shoes by craftsmanship. Even with old vintage shoes and boots of decades ago, whether cheap shoes or shoes that have holes in the shoe sole, we will do our utmost to put the skill of the technology we can have.




I will take care of every important shoes from everyone with responsibility and repair it, I will take care of you for a long time.


Customers of Toyohashi Toyogawa, as well as customers of Gamagori, Okazaki and Hamamatsu, are using it.


Please leave it to us